Who we are


Tre Archi is a big family.

We are a true blood family and not.

We become a family for the complicity that characterizes us.

Aunt Giovanna is the head of the company, she likes to be behind the scenes, She is the chef of Tre Archi. 66 years of pure passion for cooking and homemade pasta. She’s a war machine, when she’s in her kitchen, you can’t beat her easily. She carries on the family culinary traditions. In fact, it’s easy to go back to Nonna Flora and her Sunday’s lunch. Her cuisine is simple, homemade, but never banal.

Tre Archi has other faces. Our “frontman” Filippo, nicely called “the boss”. Filippo is Maître and sommelier and also cheese taster (with certified diploma). In the restaurant he makes sure that everything is all right, he gives fuel to the big machine called Tre Archi. He is the adult of the room, but he does not deny the pleasure of chatting and joking with the staff and with the customers we have the honor of serving our dishes.

The young face of Tre Archi is Martina, the new “capina” of Tre Archi. She loves her job, she doesn’t change it with anyone else. She’s enthusiastic about this new and stimulating experience, which she undertakes with evident will, decision and passion.

Right Parallax Background Element

But we are not finished with the introductions, we also have Matteo, brother of the young Martina. He is not always working in the restaurant, but he’s a source of inspiration for his colleagues and family who describe him as an enthusiast capable of unleashing adrenaline and strength in his work. This is why it is a sight to watch his services.

The rest of the staff can be defined as solid and confirmed, they have been working with complicity for many years now:

Cristiana, expert cooker, very organized and the right arm of Aunt Giovanna. She has been part of our compact group for 10 years now. She is life, sympathy, music and Latin dances.

Donika, sweet and loving, with quick reflexes, she has been part of the big Tre Archi family for several years. Special feature: gold medal for making pici.
Who thinks to pizza? Our “pizzagirl” Agnese. Workaholic, friend, but also our mentalcoach with her wise proverbs said in her own way. Despite this, she is our perfect victim of our jokes.

There is also Noemi, daughter of Agnese, a young assistant cooker. She gives 100% of herself every day and is committed to learning everything from her mother and aunt Giovanna.

Finally Lucrezia, the latest arrival at the Tre Archi house: she’s a “retired dancer”. You will find her in the dining room, she speaks languages very well and is always very kind and smiling with everyone.

This is the foolproof team of Tre Archi. A real cult for the kitchen!

And then me.

I am this place. All the people I told you about took and cuddled me.

I introduce myself, I am the restaurant, I am the dining room, I am those tables and those chairs, I am the back terrace. I am the bottles and the plates, I am the coffee. I am your experience from Tre Archi and I hope to be enjoyable, because that is what I was born for.

I am that place that has been taken, by this great and passionate family, and restored. Everything you will find upon entering my room will be the work of the group’s ingenuity and vision. Aunt Giovanna, Filippo, Martina and Matteo have thought and organized what they are today, for months, with attention to every single detail. They made me pretty and cozy, warm and warm so that, being with me, you can feel at home. They wanted something that is rustic, but in a modern way for me. And I must say that, in this way, they managed to give me the strength to express their cuisine and their way of doing catering.

It was they themselves, armed with brush and paint, day and night, who gave me shape by realizing what their ideas were. And everything was possible also thanks to the guidance of the family artist, Simona, a cousin for everyone and daughter of Aunt Giovanna. But the team’s fathers also played an important part in the whole realization: Marco, Marcello and Paolo.

I offer you a typical Tuscan menu, from fish to pizza. Even the creation of the menu was a reason for the union of the team, who found themselves around a table to taste and perfect each dish. But without denying the joy of renewing it and having new proposals that often translate into dishes of the day, special menus events, such as the classics “all fried” and “carbohydrates only”.

Here, Tre Archi is an idea even before a restaurant. We are all Tre Archi and we are waiting for you in our family.